Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big News - New Releases! is on a new server! Come celebrate our return to grace with these exciting new releases:

Celluloid City
Toxic Fury
and POV Embassy Suites!

XO Tanya


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bitch Goddess Destruction

Adventurous Amber Michaels has bought her husband, Mason, a private match with Tanya Danielle for Christmas. Mason has a "thing" for Tanya and has wanted to wrestle her for a long time. Amber and Mason both believe that Mason is going to get an easy, sexy romp around the ring with the statuesque blonde on this sunny December morning. Tanya has other ideas and is in full Bitch Goddess mode when she climbs over the ropes wearing nothing more than a skimpy bikini and a sultry smirk on her face. The ringing of a bell signals the beginning of the first round. The wrestlers move in and lock up. Tanya immediately takes control. Mason sees the fierce determination blazing in her eyes and feels the pain as she takes him to the canvas and locks her muscular thighs around his neck in an excruciatingly tight figure four head scissors. Male pride swells within him and he responds with every ounce of courage that his body has to offer. Amber shoots photos of the unfolding carnage, uncertain whether she should be cheering for her husband or for the brutal, awesome strength of the woman who is seeking to rob him of his manhood.. (This match contains rib cage body scissors, full nelsons, figure four head scissors, hand-over-mouth smother, sleeper holds, grapevine pins, front choke holds, wristlocks, test of strength, breast smothers, facesitting, begging, and foot-on-face victory pose.) Buy Now

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sick Planet - Part 2

In the aftermath of a sinful debacle Virtue (played by Tanya Danielle) pilots her amphibious aircraft to far-flung reaches of assigned territory. She now regards Earth as a sick, depraved planet whose corrupting influence has both wrought havoc on her sensibilities and sullied her family's name for generations to come. The compass spins. Moscow, Nairobi, Hadrian's Wall, Havana, the Strait of Gibraltar, Ordos, Mt. Vesuvius, Sydney, La Paz, Port Au Prince, the Pyrenees Mountains appear in the plane's rear view mirror and then vanish. Gradually a new consciousness arises within the superheroine. She halts her current mission and seeks respite in an American steel town, checking into the first motel that she sees. Headlights illuminate the interior of her dingy room each time a car exits the nearby interstate and motors off into the night. She thinks, thinks, thinks. Only a red satin cape and thigh-high leather boots shield her curvaceous form from the accumulation of human detritus on the bedspread where she is lying. "These Earthlings won't last much longer." Virtue finally says aloud. "They will exterminate themselves by 2045. Anything I do here will be lost among the ruins of their former society." With a grim smile she pulls a giant rubber dildo from her boot, hops to her feet, and affixes the phallic device to a wooden table. She will seduce her nephew, Wonderboy, with the wildest masturbation show that he has ever seen! Even if intergalactic investigators decide to examine the premises they will have little success trying to separate her and Wonderboy's fluid samples from the thousands of others already in the room..

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tanya's Self-bondage

Tanya Danielle is waiting for her Master to arrive..

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sick Planet - Part 1

Wonderboy ejaculates a huge load all over the rickety table. He stares at his Aunt Virtue in shocked disbelief as the afterglow from their mutual orgasms quickly fades into oblivion. A naked lightbulb in the dim room flickers off and on, emphasizing both the instability of their circumstances and the uncertainty of the future. "Wonderboy, untie me!" Virtue commands her nephew. He gazes at her glistening, disrobed form, unable or unwilling to compose himself and release her from bondage. Still semi-erect, his cock bobs up and down in rhythm with his heavy, ragged breathing. "Chris!" Virtue screams at him, hoping her use of his Earthling name will jerk him back to reality. Only his cock responds. Virtue watches with a mixture of horror and fascination as it becomes rock solid once again and a drop of pre-cum spills from the head of it. With renewed vigor the stunning, blonde superheroine struggles against her ropes. Will she escape this sordid predicament? Or will her nephew inflict yet another lust-filled frenzy of incestuous sin upon her body??

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Deep Blue Good-by

Tanya Hamilton (played by Tanya Danielle) tries to keep her emotions at bay but the tremulous anger resurfaces over and over, slowly lapping away at her resolve. Finally she confronts the teacher who gave her daughter a bad grade and demands an explanation. "Alice purposely misinterpreted the assignment." social studies instructor Ms. Blair (played by Goldie Blair) discloses. "I requested that she write about tolerance and she submitted a paper which outlines every facet of her moral opposition to gay marriage. In the last paragraph she expresses gratitude for her inclusion in an academic environment where those who pursue deviant homosexual lifestyles still have to tolerate her viewpoint." Mrs. Hamilton absorbs this information. "Was my daughter implying that there are homosexuals attending Parker City High School?" she asks after a minute. "I just need their names. My connections in the Parent Teacher Association will have them removed immediately!" Ms. Blair glares at her. "In order for them to get the help that they need." the housewife adds hastily. Smoldering tentacles of rage rise from Ms. Blair's toes to her loins and then explode out of her eye sockets. She grabs Mrs. Hamilton by the neck, locks her in a kiss, and launches a sexual attack worthy of 10,000 love-starved sailors. "Evidently you and your daughter need to improve your functional understanding of homosexuality." Ms. Blair says with venom dripping from her tongue. Mrs. Hamilton stares into the deep, blue eyes of her assailant, almost completely submerged in the hate-filled tide of sexual desire which threatens to consume her entire being..

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chrissie Claus

The granddaughter of Santa Claus, Chrissie, works five action-packed weeks a year. Clad in a skimpy rendition of Santa's traditional apparel she bravely fights the perennial crop of opportunists and evildoers who attempt to disrupt holiday festivities. By December 26, 2013 she needs a vacation. Upon arrival at the Indianhead Ski Lodge Chrissie pens a few postcards to close friends and then relaxes into the candle-lit, wood-panelled ambiance of her chosen destination. A fiendish stranger manages to intercept one of her missives, pinpoint Chrissie's exact location, and trail her into the polar vortex. Gleefully he sets up surveillance equipment which records her every move. To his utter delight Chrissie's naughty post-Xmas antics potentially spell doom for her continued career as a yuletide crusader. How will the Claus family prevent him from releasing the footage?? Can Xmas 2014 be saved?

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