Monday, April 30, 2012

Adventures of Terra 1

Terra (Tanya Danielle) is drawn to the lair of evil villainess Lynx (Stacy Burke). Lynx has Terra's sidekick, Half Moon Girl, and intends to force her into sexual slavery. Employing very little caution Terra enters Lynx's den of iniquity hoping to find Half Moon Girl. It turns out that she has underestimated the cunning of Lynx and she herself falls into the clutches of the ruthless villainess! Lynx uses a special lip gloss to totally subjugate the buxom, blonde superheroine and proceeds to sexually humiliate her before landing an endless barrage of vicious punches to her belly. Will Terra be able to survive this brutal physical punishment coupled with the stunning loss of her own dignity? Find out by downloading this first episode of the Adventures of Terra series at now. This video is a belly-punching bonanza!!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

"It's Just Audio"

Aspiring thespian Tanya Danielle answers an ad on A local photographer, Mikey Zoogster, wants to exchange his services with a model or actress who needs some new promotional pictures. "I'm trying to build up my portfolio." he tells her on the phone. They agree to meet at his Hollywood apartment the following afternoon. "Let's use the patio next to the kitchen." Mikey suggests when she arrives. "We'll get some great shots out there." Tanya glances toward the patio and feels a bit dismayed to see a closet-size area flanked by power poles and carpeted with green astroturf. A second disappointment soon follows when she discovers that the dry cleaners have mangled the pretty purple dress that she had been intending to wear for the shoot. With resignation she slips on a different garment and heads outside to join Mikey. A couple of cats are now basking in the sunlight atop the all-weather furniture. Mikey seems unconcerned. All of a sudden the situation strikes Tanya as funny. What exactly had she been expecting from a free shoot? Had she really thought that Mikey would be living amidst designer splendor? She smiles broadly and positions herself between the cats on a wooden lounge chair. Mikey begins snapping away. In between poses they chat about the state of the industry. Not much production has been occurring in the city of Los Angeles recently and they both can use some extra money. In a casual tone of voice Mikey asks if Tanya has ever considered shooting any adult material. "Oh, I would never do anything like that!"she exclaims. The conversation goes on and Mikey reveals that he sometimes records erotic stories for phone sex lines. "I can pay you $500 if you are willing to read one into a microphone for me." he offers. Tanya considers this. Mikey senses her inner conflict. "It's just audio." he promises. "No one will ever know that you did it." After a little more encouragement Tanya hesitantly agrees to his proposition. Much to her surprise she finds that she really enjoys playing the role of an unrepentant sex degenerate. The dirty words roll so easily off her tongue that she tosses aside the script and begins improvising her own material. Within minutes the once-reluctant blonde is grabbing her bodacious breasts and rubbing her pussy with lustful abandon as she describes the sex acts that she wants to perform on a stranger whom she is envisioning in her mind. Unbeknownst to her a hidden video camera is capturing all of her raunchy antics and every centimeter of her exposed flesh. Mikey gives her a big thumbs up. Tanya winks back at him and progresses enthusiastically with her reading..

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Buxom Showgirls in Bondage

Professional dancers Ariella Ferrera and Tanya Danielle are participating in a limited run engagement at the Academy Theatre. The director encourages his troupe to pour their hearts into each performance. They do so with zeal because the entire cast is hoping to add more showtimes to their weekly Sunday matinee appearance. One day after a particularly punishing rehearsal Ariella and Tanya retire to a lounge area within the Academy Building to rest their legs. They discuss an exciting rumor that a well-known producer wants to bring their show to Broadway. In the midst of the conversation a nearby door bangs open and shut. The women wait expectantly to see who will enter the room. Nobody does. "Who could that have been?" Tanya wonders aloud. "Probably just the wind." Ariella responds. They continue chatting until suddenly a shadow falls across their curvaceous forms. Before either woman has a chance to react a masked intruder ensures their silence by levelling a gleaming firearm at their heads. Another man materializes behind him and proceeds to bind the lithe, toned dancers with tight, white rope. When Ariella voices her indignation the assailant quickly gags both hostages with strips of white cloth. The men then depart from view. Tanya and Ariella immediately exchange defiant glances and begin struggling wildly against their restraints. Several times over the next two hours their captors return to gloat over the ladies' helpless predicament, rip off pieces of their clothing, and replace their old gags with new ones. Eventually daytime turns to night and the desperate, naked women begin to wonder whether anyone has even noticed their absence.. 

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Mother/Daughter Porn Lust 2

Suburban housewife Tanya Hamilton spends the day at the mall with her daughter Alice. When they return home Alice accepts an invitation to go swimming in her friend's pool. Glad for some time to herself Tanya lies down for a nap. She tosses and turns restlessly for several minutes before deciding to read a book. To her chagrin she cannot find the latest Sue Grafton novel anyplace. Presuming that Alice must have taken it Tanya climbs out of bed and heads into her daughter's room. A surprising collection of old rock albums catches her attention and she squats down to examine them. "Alice listens to Foghat?" Tanya exclaims aloud. This proves to be only the first of several revelations that the staid Mrs. Hamilton will have about her daughter on this quiet afternoon. Mere moments later Tanya stumbles across Alice's cache of hardcore lesbian pornography. Her singed eyeballs spin inside of her head but the shocked mother can't seem to put down the offending material. Soon, with few qualms about the appropriateness of her actions, Tanya is feverishly masturbating herself to orgasm as she stares with burning intensity at four voluptuous women engaged in a no-holes-barred, Sapphic orgy. She cries out in ecstasy, not caring if the neighbors can hear her. When the waves of her first climax eventually subside Tanya gets her bearings. She reminds herself to slow down and take it easy. The melody of a dimly remembered tune begins playing in her head as she contemplates her next move. It takes her just a few minutes to gather up a sizable chunk of her daughter's porn collection. She smiles at the women on the covers of the magazines as she returns to the master bedroom. "I'm in the mood, the rhythm is right.. " she sings in a voice full of joyful anticipation. "Let's move to the music, we can roll all night.. "

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Asleep and Vulnerable

Asleep and vulnerable, Tanya Danielle lies in her bed completely unaware of the presence of an intruder who has entered the room. She drifted off after returning from a long shopping trip with her daughter. The uninvited guest creeps across the carpet. He stares at her for a few long minutes. Unexpectedly Tanya begins to stir. Perhaps she somehow senses the rapt attention being focused upon her and a primal instinct compels her to wake up. The visitor silently slips away. When Tanya fully awakens she has no idea that anyone has violated her privacy or gained access to her home.. (Sleep fetishists will love the prolonged shots of the defenseless Tanya as she rests in her bedroom, oblivious to the world.)  

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